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Comment: So why are Guns the only means of self-defense?

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So why are Guns the only means of self-defense?

The United States is unique in that we have more gun violence and more gun deaths than any other developed Country in the World. Nobody should be happy or proud of that fact, and it does say something about our Culture alone (something bad).

The pro-gun argument seems to be based on self-defense. But why is the certain fatality and murder by guns the only means of self-defense? Are there not other means of self-defense? How about Mace? a Home Security System?, Martial Arts training? etc.

For example, Auto-thefts have been dramatically reduced due to the widespread use of Car Alarm Systems (which today almost everyone has). It did not take guns to do that, and a 100-years with guns never solved the Car problem.

The other argument in favor of guns is to form Militas and to defend against an attack by the U.S. Military. But if that is the main reason, it is an outdated one because no amount of guns in the World will be able to protect you from the advanced machinary and technology of the U.S. Pentagon if they wish to strike.

And if you try to shoot a cop, you're just going to go to jail for the rest of your life anyway, so where is the practical case where guns are actually helping anything?

I do think we need to change our Culture which reveres and worships guns. The one case envisioned by our founding fathers of protecting ourselves against the Military is totally dwarfed and outflanked by the construction of a Trillion Dollar Military and Police-Security-State system. So where then is the value?

It's time to take a more Zen approach, and find answers that elevate and advance non-violent methods of resistence.

Without doing that, we will all ultimately remain defenseless.