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Comment: Bitcoin, sound money, and the FED

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Bitcoin, sound money, and the FED

This may be a matter of some concern, for if even Ron Paul supporters are (for now) sceptical about BITCOIN, supporters of alternative sound money have a bigger job ahead of them they they realize!

We don't know how much longer the US Dollar (FRN) can continue to withstand the ever-growing inflationary assaults that come daily from the Central Bank and the US Treasury,(to say nothing of Congress,with its ever more out-of-control deficits and borrowing). Currency collapse, runaway hyperinflation, and resultant misery look more and more inevitable, and while gold (and silver) can and will take up the slack eventually, there are great benefits to be derived from an impartially administered electronic currency as well.

I have no answer,except to encourage BITCOIN to continue to inform everyone as assiduously as possible of its advantages over FRNs, its independence from the State, and to continue to improve its accessability and convenience of use.

Will BITCOIN be available to everyone when the day we dread finally arives? I have no idea, but it sounds like too good an idea to just give up on!


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