Comment: Outreach outreach outreach!

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Outreach outreach outreach!

Somebody send her a copy of Jekyll Island for Christmas? Seriously. Dunno. I'm fresh out. (I don't get paid til next week--if I'm lucky!)

Give her a push in the "right" direction? What is there to lose?

Until this happens we're just wasting our breath here.

If she is a firebrand for good--even being partially ignorant of the Truth--should we not do anything to help her / potentially US? The more the merrier in liberty.

Worse case scenario: she ignores book/tosses it. Maybe word gets out that she received some "wacko libertarian" book from somebody. OK, good. ANY publicity for these ideas is good publicity--in the political sphere at least.

(Or am I a dummy? OK, back to the crack pipe for me! ; ) )

What would the Founders do?