Comment: I travel by air

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I travel by air

A lot. Too much sometimes. I do not opt out because I have a serious almost OCD aversion to strangers touching me. I am a very peaceful non confrontational person who hates the idea of violence, once at a bar some guy came up behind me and put his arm on me and I turned around and punched him without even realizing what I was doing. I seriously had no control at that point and I think it hurt my hand more than it hurt him. I started apologizing almost instantly and my friends were all shocked by my actions to the point of being speechless.

So, that is what I am afraid of by opting out. What if I am being patted down and I punch a TSA agent without even realizing or being able to stop myself on time?! Somehow I do not think I would get to my destination at that point lol.

I am glad people are using the opt out route though.