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How can all the recent tweeted pics of dead children in Gaza not prick a true Christians heart?

When I saw David Barton of Wallbuilders sharing a stage with John Hagee on a Glen Beck panel, I immediately remembered when Glen Beck had once had the Left Behind authors on his show when he was on the end of that program, they had said one third(2 billion) Christians would be taken up in the rapture; well, that flies in the face Christ's words in Matthew 7:13-14 where He said "few" would be saved.

The fact is, ALL the birds of the air have indeed made their nest in tree of Christendom that grew from the mustard seed!!!

Christians who do NOT study to know if these things are true, are easily swayed by those who by fair speeches and swelling words, deceive the hearts of the simple for filthy lucre's sake.

I am concerned that my children be afforded their LIBERTY to become all that their Creator has gifted them to become; but self-preserving professing Christians stand in MY WAY by following liars and theives who only seek to destroy America as wolves in sheeps clothing; because they serve only the temporal things they can see, touch, and feel(that will be transferred to another once they die), rather than the Gospel that can change an enemy of God into a testimony of God's goodness for the benefit of mankind!

We didn't achieve our prosperity by twisting God's moral truths into 3 points and a poem; we used to do right, in fear of the Lord; and He blessed again, He will take it all away and destroy the generations who murmur and complain against His moral instructions, as though He doesn't want the best for us; but rather think He is a tyrannical cosmic killjoy.