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Is rand going to help

The children from starving to death?
All sanctions do is keep the Dictators in more control by starving their people to death.
It's more then an act of war it is democide.
It's part of agenda 21 and depopulation.
Rand is a total tool of the globalists.
Rand is pretty much saying look we don't have to go to war to depopulate the world we just need to impose sanction against those who wish to go against the frac. Reserve banking cartel.
They save money on not having to fight a war.
They get maximum depopulation rates of all the children that will die due to starvation and lack of medical care.
They get maximum blowback without spending a dime to bread jihadist.
They help the dictators funnel all the cash in from food for oil.
They help accelerate the collapse of the would economy by imposing more sanctions on Iran.
It's like saying hey let's take the ability for law abiding citizens to by handguns and assault rifles because they will hurt each other but all it does it hurt the ones abiding by the law.
Now in Iran the criminals will still make money while the people die, starve , and decay.
Then when that country collapses America will rape the people out of all it's resources.
Fuck Rand he is a cocksucker.