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Sounds like

Sounds like someone has a ton of Bitcoins and needs people to start accepting it so he can actually use them for something.

Here's the problem, see if you can fix it for me.

I'm a business owner. We enter into a transaction. I am doing a valuable service for you, in my case I am calibrating and repairing a gas detection device that can protect your life or that of your employees. I need to buy parts, pay employees, pay my rent, utilities, and taxes. None of these things go away no matter what I do.

How do I use your Bitcoins to pay for the sensors I need? Will you convince my landlord to accept Bitcoins for rent? Will you explain to my employees that Bitcoins are superior, even though you can't buy food with them?

You're trying to shift the pain off the person with the Bitcoins like there's some moralistic element at play when there's not. Market forces are all that count.

Donations? SURE! Send me all you want. But not for my time.

Here's an idea. YOU take the Bitcoins to an exchanger, and then bring me the FRNs which I can then spend on my suppliers to keep my business from going bankrupt. Otherwise all you're saying is, "But YOU can accept these and then go exchange them! It's your moral duty to do so!"

No thanks pal.

Eric Hoffer