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Approximately 40,000 medium to large sized icebergs calve (break off) annually in Greenland and about 1 to 2% (400-800) of those make it as far south as 48o north latitude (St.John's). The numbers vary greatly from year to year and seasonally as most are seen off Newfoundland in the spring and early summer.

National Geographic stated that the Titanic was found at about the 41st latitude line. Icebergs are known to brake off Greenland in spring time and float south. However, they say about 1% of them make it as far as the 48th latitude line. This was April so not very cold. Scientists can't explain it so they chalk it up to weird moon activity pulling the iceberg further south than it should have been.

it is very rare for an iceberg to make it as low as the 41st latitude. Is it possible?...yes....likely? I don't think so.