Comment: We are going after rand

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We are going after rand

Because he is supporting agenda 21 and his actions have helped promote globalization.
You are just too stupid or you just don't understand history.
Sanctions on Iran is part of the global agenda.

In an interview Rand said the government is involved in gajillions of lies.
Rand acknowledged he was privy to top secret information .
Has he told us the truth yet? "NO"
Has Ron Paul told us the truth ? "YES"
What did Ron say?
He said we have been conquered by globalist foreign bankers.
He said our government is full of authoritarian psychopaths.
He said their plan is to destroy us by design.
Has Rand said that? "No"
When Rand is questioned about the builderburgs what does he do?
He has you arrested then released then followed then kidnapped and then threatened.
When Ron is questioned about the builderburgs he answers you agrees with you then says
"I've been talking about them for 30 years "