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John Hagee

is an EMBARRASSMENT to me as a Christian! He literally makes me sick. I can hardly believe the masses of so-called Christians that follow him and his teaching. Recently, something that was so unbelievable to me was a discussion I had with someone about the sufferings of the Palestinians. I go to an evangelical church where the woman in charge of women's ministries actually argued that Israel has the "right of conquest." Then she tried to spiritualize her answer when I pushed my points, "What about the teachings of Christ? What about mercy? Aren't we to be peacemakers? And what about the fact that some of these people are Christians? I thought the Bible says that we are to 'do good to others, but especially to those of the household of faith?' " Her phony-baloney, spiritualized answer: "Well, we only think we know what mercy is. God's definition is quite different than what we may think it is. His ways are higher so therefore I will continue to bless and stand by His people Israel, the apple of His eye."

Then she, in essence, shut me down by saying that I make compelling but not convincing arguments. Oh my goodness - I wanted to literally cry. Is this what is meant by the verse that says that people's love will grow cold? THIS is what the church of Jesus Christ has become? The body of the One who purposely reached out to the hated race of his days when He not only spoke to the Samaritan woman at the well ( a major no-no), but then also stayed in their village? The One who told a parable about being a good neighbor and used the hated Samaritan as the hero of the story? The One who once commended a Roman gentile (another hated race of the Jews) for having faith such as He'd never seen before in all of Israel?

Wow - I am truly blown away by what I'm seeing in the church. First I wake up in regards to politics and embrace Ron Paul and his ideas; but now I find that those ideas are taking me down roads of equal disillusionment with what the American churches are believing about the world and how they should behave in it. Beliefs have practical implications. If you literally believe that you must support everything Israel does (or else!), then you might as well just skip the entire New Testament and its teachings. You might as well forget being Christ's representative on earth because you know nothing about what He is like!!!

When the American spirit was in its youth, the language of America was different: Liberty, sir, was the primary object. - Patrick Henry