Comment: The Jews have brought

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The Jews have brought

The Jews have brought enrichment to every civilization they have been apart of for thousands of years and have received nothing but persecution, ghettos, expulsions, lies slander & genocide in return. Now the Palestinins are repeating the same thing Hitler did and again the world turns its back on the Jews. YOU antisemites cry about the poor poor Muslims while THEY are the ones strapping suicide bombs to their little children just to kill a few Jews. Does it make YOU antisemites happy to know that Israel is surrounded by ENEMIES on all sides who want to see her DESTROYED? Many of you so-called supporters of "Liberty" on DP have become full blown Stormfronter antisemites. In your hypocrisy you have revealed that you support "Liberty for all" as long as all are non-Jews but NOT for the Jew. I am SICKENED and ASHAMED by what this site has devolved to.

Disregard government. Acquire liberty.