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"tens of thousands" is

"tens of thousands" is probably closer to true for 2 reasons. 1st, sadly we aren't as incredibly numerous as we'd like to think. That there are so many millions of Ron Paul supporters that a few million of us could be swayed by the actions of Romney is not being honest.

2nd, I'm a Ron Paul supporter and the disrespect at the RNC didn't lose Romney my vote. Romney's opinions and policy ideas had lost him my vote far before the RNC & I think that is true for most Ron Paul supporters. Romney could have invited Ron up to the stage, talked about him running a strong campaign and seated all our delegates....and I still wouldn't have considered voting for him. I'm not sure if he'd have gotten my vote at that point even by stealing Ron's talking points and platform as I'd doubt his honesty on the matter, but I'd have considered it.

So, I'd guess that number of votes lost by their RNC actions were more realistically in the range of tens of thousands.