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I am not sure that I will either.

Even before this last election, I looked into Rand to see where he stands. I have not been impressed with his record.

I think many are hoping to capitalize because of Rand's relation to his father. Is he truly 'Liberty'? I am not so sure. He does however, play a good game. Ron never did, and that is another one of his attributes that I fully respect.

Ron fully endorsed Justin Amash, and vice versa, I believe for very good reason. Justin could very well be the one who attracts the young vote, as well as the true conservative, and also Liberty folks. Ron has made it very clear that to win, it will require the younger generation, for their time has come. Many are too clouded with 'Rand 2016! Rand 2016!' to even see or acknowledge that.

IMO, this is gj all over again, or possibly romney/obama as the lesser of evil scenario. Rand is NOT his father. Rand is NOT Justin Amash. Therefore, I will stand on my own and vote accordingly, by write-in, if necessary - with absolutely NO regret.

The ones who wrote-in Ron Paul will understand. The ones who voted gj, or pledged romney, may very well not understand.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul