Comment: Dave Champions book "Income Tax: Shattering the Myths"

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Dave Champions book "Income Tax: Shattering the Myths"

I say it over and over and over... The Best book on the topic no doubt is Dave Champion's book "Income Tax: Shattering the Myths"

It's really the best read i've ever had about the reality of WHAT THE INCOME TAX IS... Which is an "Indirect Excise"...

Long story short...

1. Income Tax is an Excise Tax
2. 16th Amendment is a moot point
3. 16th Amendment conferred NO NEW POWER OF TAXATION
4. The Stanton v baltic mining Case (US Supreme 1916) says its an indirect tax
5. US Supremes say no "Direct tax without apportionment can be laid"
6. People "THINK" the 16th amendment does away w/ apportionment for direct tax called income tax
7. People who think that ARE WRONG!!!
8. Average American has NO INCOME TAX LIABILITY when living and working in any one of the 50 States of the union in the private sector earning his / her own money.
9. Tax professionals "DONT READ THE LAW"
10. Tax professionals read "IRS publications and Pamphlets"
11. IRS publications and pamphlets are NOT to be used to sustain a position (Section IRS Manual)

JUST READ Dave Champion's book "income tax: shattering the myths"
Once you are done reading that, then tell me all about the income tax again!!!

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