Comment: Good stuff. I am glad your power has returned.

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Good stuff. I am glad your power has returned.

I am not religious but Christmas is a fun time to enjoy our American culture. I have a hard time embracing bologna w/American on Wonder w/Miracle Whip. Nor can I wrap my head around oven heated, previously frozen, nasty breaded fish sticks with mac & cheese, and served with previously frozen cubes of spinach. I was seriously served these combos very often. And neither can I get behind the corporate sponsored, Rand Corp. edited rock-n-roll, punk, or rap music with its nepotistic tribal influence.

So Christmas is fun like that. And the snow reminds me of home. Not that I miss it. Songs are as close to snow as I need to get.

Here is some more snow songs. I love em'.
White Christmas by Bing

Jingle Bell Rock by Bobby Helms (1957)