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lol why don't you get a grip?

Why all the ego stubbornness when arguing with each other? Can't you get a grip and put a little effort into maybe trying to communicate effectively before you get upset the other guy doesn't get it?

What does it even mean inflationary or deflationary? If you mean that gold or bitcoins because they're scarce seem to be gaining in their value when met with increased demand do you call this deflationary? Or how about dollars, when massive amount of debt can't be paid off but was lent under a fractional reserve system and now a bunch of money supply just vanishes, is dollar then deflationary? Or how about gold of which there is more in circulation every second that mining goes on anywhere in the world, would you call gold inflationary then? Or how about bitcoins once all of them are issued and some are lost because of lost keys is this why bitcoins are deflationary? Or are they inflationary since right now there's about 10,6mio while the max will be 21mio?


Just get a grip. Calm down. Communicate clearly and precisely and then see if the other guy doesn't agree.

If you ask me, gold is inflationary until all of it is mined, the price of gold however is deflationary because the production of all other goods has a higher pace than the mining of gold.
Bitcoins are inflationary right now until all of them are issued but once that happens they'll become deflationary because some of them will be lost due to carelessness. But the exchange rate of bitcoins is deflationary given that they are scarce and there seems to be a growing demand.