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It's a general question where

It's a general question where different answers come out of different variables. And yes it is shameful.

But a lot has happened since the RNC where different paths are really out in the open.

I would believe that almost everybody here is of a libertarian philosophy. However, it's a political party division that is going on.

The Liberty Movement became noticed. And it was because Dr. Paul was in the Republican party. And he has stated in somewhat ways, that the battle is in the Republican Party where we should fight.

* * *

So there are those who accept Ron's explanation why the Republican party is the place presently where the action is.

And there are those who want to do things in the Libertarian party.

And there are those who don't want anything to do with parties or want a different party.

* * *

Then there is the issue of what is being called the flip-flop. It would seem like the overall goal is focused towards Liberty from no matter where the arrow is shot from. Credibility is being questioned because of moving out of the RP camp and into the Gary Johnson camp, and now back into the RP camp.

The credibility factor seems to revolve around, that, those who decided to push Gary Johnson, should still do so, push Gary Johnson.

This comes from what would be loyalty to the Daily Paul as a Ron Paul camp, first and foremost.