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One of the biggest signs of a

One of the biggest signs of a gov. sponsored misinformation vid is the way they bash and belittle their competition. The people in the interview are constantly laughing about the incompetance and foolishness of the "conspiracy nut truthers" the whole time. Always throwing in little remarks here and there. But even more than the insults, are the constant jabs assaulting the character of anyone who would dare question.

They are creating an emotional attack against truthers, questioning their intellect, questioning their morality for daring to question. Its a hit piece designed more to attack truthers than to make their own case. "Look what happend to these poor firemen? What kinda person would make up lies about these poor dead firemen!"

They even throw in a "coward" attack when they say they invited truthers to be involved in this interview, but of course all of us were far too terrified to answer the call. I don't think I got an invite... did anyone else?

Other than the emotional insults and questioning of truther's patriot-qualities, they used another tatic. If "X" is wrong, "Y" & "Z" must also be wrong. I believe that the fire did look larger than I was previously led to believe. I "do" think that some truther videos stretch things into the realms of bias, and not all reporting is fair. But what do you expect from a bunch of amerature trying to do the job that our media wont? On the other hand, the truth movement has brought up thousands of unanswered questions that this video didn't even begin to address. By simply finding a few things that may seem as plausable rebukes (though not really), they think they can throw the entire movement into question simply by assualting our character and revealing a few instances of bad reporting and bias?

Its healthy to question, and I have no emnity to the poster, and I do feel many on this sight have been rude to him, excessivly so. That said, im not swayed by the arguments he's posted. 9/11 was an inside job. Im sorry.