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Comment: I missed his message on that.

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I missed his message on that.

He hates politics. He wants us to spread the liberty message anyway we see fit. There is nothing wrong with the Libertarian Party. I am not much into parties though (partying...well okay). I appreciate you people who can stomach hanging out with the GOP. I can not. Everyone plays different parts.

If you could please provide a link to his statement on belonging to the Republican party I would appreciate it. I could probably be more effective in the Democratic Party. Social conservatism repulses me. Spend thrifts (progressives) do too but I can sink them in economics. Convincing a Pietist that they are not capable of changing the behavior of others is impossible. If that is what RP wants of me, than I completely misjudged him. I thought he trusted me, and every individual, enough to let me decide how I can best serve the cause for liberty.