Comment: I Completely Agree with the Serious Questions

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I Completely Agree with the Serious Questions

raised by Dawson. I've listened to AJ and read his website for about 8yrs. now, and have always questioned his misdirection from the Zionist's who are destroying not only our country, but the world. Yes, he does provide some good info, but he greatly exagerates this info, which makes you also question his intentions. When any of his guests bring up the Zionist's or Israel, AJ will 'sometimes' give acknowledgement to the accusations, and will always quickly change the subject. The ultimate question should be, if he claims to be fighting the 'infowar' to get to the real facts, then why does he avoid the empirical facts when they implicate the Zionist Jews? Why aren't more people questioning why the 'Jews' are the only 'untouchables' for criticism, implications or anything negative towards them throughout the majority of the world, and especially in the US? If you research their 'secret' books of Judaism, the Talmud and for a lesser extent the followers of the Zohar (Kabbalism), you will find all the teachings, that are being implimented in the various ways our Nation is being destroyed, whether it be by Hollywood, the Fed/Banksters, MSM, secret societies, racial groups, and our Government. Do all followers of Judaism follow the teachings of the Talmud or the Zohar, no, but those with great wealth and power follow them, and implement the teachings into other secret societies and in our government where most are too ignorant to know it. To conclude, if those like AJ avoid and misdirect from the source of our dilemma, then they can't be trusted. In the times we are facing with the destruction of our Constitutional rights and eventually our Republic, we must seek the Truth, because only the 'Truth will Set You Free'!