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Comment: ZakC, your youtube declaration of independence from the military

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ZakC, your youtube declaration of independence from the military

was one of the very first of such personal testimonies. It was breathtaking and mind-boggling to us, in our household. We never knew there were so many of us, willing to *openly* take RonPaulian stand on foreign & economic policies. (yup, those were the fearful subdued days ;-) You encouraged and helped organize many others to follow you and inspired artists & musicians to perform for liberty on many occasions. Then came the debates among third party candidates, giving them the opportunity to express themselves *openly*.

Thanks to YOUR resilient indomitable activism, you & your group of friends helped RP r3VOLution develop its daring grit & colorful festive flares. It became much more than just a dry academic policy platform for libertarian-leaning republicans.

It really has been an amazing RonPaulian half a decade. Good luck to you, and all of us, for multiplying and magnifying this quest for LIBERTY for all! Now that we found the sweetness of liberty to speak up, we will not be silenced, again. . . hoping for our turn for an American Spring!