Comment: shows he wants to be president

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shows he wants to be president

I don't think you can become president these days without a trip to the middle east and Israel specifically, sadly enough. this is a confirmation that Rand is seriously interested in the job.

so far he's been letting me down on Iran sanctions, but doing a damn fine job on pretty much everything else, so to see him making moves that show that he's serious about the possibility of winning the white house is exciting for me. Rand is in the best position to do it, he's got a much bigger shot at the party's nomination than Ron ever did (sadly) and none of the other names floated around the Liberty Movement have a Gary Johnson's chance in hell at getting the presidency. That doesn't mean you shouldn't support them, I'm all for fighting losing battles when the cause is just, but Rand both has a chance and will probably be a good president for us (though maybe not perfect, we'll see)

On Israel, he's going to have to go for trying to convince voters in the gop that his neutrality position is actually pro-Israel, that minding our own business actually means letting Israel do what they want for their own sovereignty and security. I think he'll be able to make that case much better than Ron was able to. In some ways I don't like that, I wish we could get a president who would condemn the Israelis for their war crimes, but AIPAC rules Washington DC and in any event, according to the Constitution it's none of our business.