Comment: New Scientific Article: Seismic Evidence Implies Controlled Demo

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New Scientific Article: Seismic Evidence Implies Controlled Demo

Mark Roberts and 9/11 truth/conspiracy debunkers bring up narrow straw man arguments because the government is unable and unwilling to answer important questions and explain how the evidence refutes the discredited official 911 commission report. Roberts misrepresented the facts about there not being voice morphology with respect to the alleged cell phone calls made from the planes. He conveniently overlooks the fact that Israeli-owned companies had that technology. His shielding his conclusions from all possible scenarios (what about Mossad and the 5 dancing Israelis and the van with explosives) severely limits his objectivity and scope of his examination; they are the same tactics used by NIST. The signs of a coverup are thus made all the more obvious.

Eavesdropping are conducted by means of the Israeli companies' technology
.. ..using voice morphing technology and caller-ID ... in the USA via Israeli owned companies like Amdocs and ... of 9/11 had been set

How 9/11 was done
…once the Mossad has a list of future passengers in its possession, it can call it's buddies at Verint and Amdocs companies with the request of wiretapping the people on the list and to record sound samples that can be used to fake passenger voices…long before 9/11 Israel was able to listen in on most of the telephone conversations on US soil. Hence there can be no doubt that the Mossad was able to collect data and sound samples from future 9/11 passengers.

The seismic analysis is just one of multiple lines of scientific evidence implying that 3 buildings were brought down by controlled demolition:
André Rousseau is a Doctor of Geophysics and Geology, a former researcher in the French National Center of Scientific Research (CNRS), who has published 50 papers on the relationships between the characteristics of progressive mechanical waves and geology. Dr. Rousseau is an expert on measurement of acoustic waves.
Rousseau says that the seismic waves measured on September 11th proves that the 3 buildings were brought down by controlled demolition. Specifically, in a new scientific article published by the Journal of 9/11 Studies,

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