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No, I am not seeking

No, I am not seeking protection for the unborn anymore than I am seeking protection for my life our yours. We already have certain unalienable rights and those same rights already belong to us and to the unborn, except the ones belonging to the unborn have been trampled upon.

I am only saying life needs to be recognized and then it is up to the people in the states to decide how their state will work.

Right now the Federal Government has stolen the states right to decide.

Nobody needs to know anything about anybody else. No pregnancies need recorded or uploaded. Why does all that have to be done? Who is talking about that? No government agency is checking on me to make sure I am still alive. Why would a government agency need to check on the unborn?

IMO, just shut down the 1.2M+ per year deaths by shutting down the abortion much money does 1.2M abortions generate and for whom?