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Costas can say what he

Costas can say what he wants.

What he said is as ridiculous (maybe not quite) as certain people like Beck or Alex Jones who claim that the government is coming to take away our guns. Didn't Alex Jones say that all guns would be banned by 2010 back in 2008?

I support the rights of gun owners not only because or moral reasons, but because the evidence shows that gun control is largely ineffective, and largely does the exact opposite of its intention; it puts guns in the hands of criminals but not law-abiding citizens. Moreover, it is a matter of freedom. If an irresponsible idiot owns I gun, I would probably agree that he shouldn't have one. But it is his right to own one.

True, gun control does lower homicide rates. But that is it. It increases general crime, robberies, violent crimes, assaults, etc.

As a matter of policy, I think a great thing that we could do in America would be to offer, if not mandate, public gun training. In countries like Switzerland they go even further, by mandating training, enforcing maintanence of your gun, and serial-numbering your ammo so that they can see if it has been used in a crime.

I even think it would be Constitutional, as the 2nd amendment stipulates the importance of a well-regulated militia.

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