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Christmas Songs, 2012

Oh, all right!! I love Christmas and all this month, Christmas time! It always is a happy time for me. I play my Christmas music a little before Thanksgiving, even! lol. Been doing that since I was a little boy listening to it because my parents started playing it before Thanksgiving. It got us all in the festive mood.

My Mom and I would decorate the inside of home Thanksgiving weekend or the weekend after it and would leave decorations up for a week or two weeks into the New Year! lol Dad and I would hang the lights outside in the front yard, back yard, the back deck and porch. Such fun, I tell you. All the while, we'd be listening to Christmas music because we installed speakers throughout the home and in the backyard patio ceiling.

When my friends came over, they always complimented us on our home looking warm, inviting, comfortable and festive. So comfortable was one of my friends when he visited one evening during Christmas vacation when we were about 16 years old that he on the couch and I on the floor I fell asleep in front of the Christmas tree while we listened to Christmas music and caught up what each of us was doing. Isn't that funny? My friend and I, both 16 years or so old, fell asleep while we talking and listening to Christmas music and admiring the Christmas tree! lol! What a memory! You know, I have a couple friends, and I care about them a lot. Really, I love them, but I wish they'd get their acts together about why our country is in shambles. Love my friends, but on this matter they're slooow on the uptake. lol.

The Christmas music I enjoy is traditional. My dad would stay up hours in evening and into early morning recording Christmas songs on his reel to reel player off the radio. He did this for years. He'd record, then edit out the commercials and transfer the music to cassettes. He amassed a large collection of music during those years, the 1980s. We'd play the tapes in the car when he'd drive me to school, and I'd play the cassettes in my tape player in my room when it was time for sleep. As my dad brought Christmas music to his family, me and my Mom, I love bringing those songs to people this time of year wherever I am, especially where I work and where I patronize (because I get to know people where I buy things from). Without further ado, here are a few of my favorite Christmas songs!

1) Andy Williams' "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year." Everyone loves this song. It's classic.
2) Husband and wife team Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme singing Happy Holidays!" Best version of the song. Gotta love the whistlin too'! Check out their other Christmas songs, at least this one. They're faaantastic!
3) Tony Bennett, "Santa Claus is Coming to Town." Love the band springing into action at one minute before the song ends!

If you want me to place more songs, let me know! MEEEERRRRRYY CHRISTMAS, everyone!

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