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Comment: I don't think the mmr vaccine is the sole culprit.

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I don't think the mmr vaccine is the sole culprit.

I think vaccines can have a cumulative effect especially in individuals who are unable to rid themselves of heavy metals over time. That biological inability is likely a genetic predisposition that some people are born with.

I think the flu vaccine can have just as devastating effects as any childhood vaccine, especially as people are expected to get them yearly and indefinitely.

Now I concede that this is all my suspicion and not proven although I have seen anecdotal evidence myself in several children as well as some elderly adults. Which is why I too wish that we would see a proper study of large populations of those vaccinated compared to those who aren't. We have those controlled populations in America readily available now be it the Amish or homeschooling or other non-vaccinated families.

I appreciate your ability to keep an open mind to consider it further. That's not easy for many of us to do, but something we should all strive for.