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There has been some cases where gelded llamas try

to mate with the ewes and harm them, but these are very rare cases. From what I researched it happens with young llamas that were just castrated. I won't have to worry about it until next summer as all ewes have already been with rams. Also when the llamas have been exposed to new born lambs they get very protective of them. Many ranchers reported the llamas would lye down next to them to protect them from cold wind.

I am happy to have a sheep sitter on the cheap works for hay, and hasn't asked for a raise yet. I only had the llama for a week and already they seem inseparable.

The dogs are good my sister had two with her sheep, but she still lost sheep to coyotes. One big disadvantage with dogs they need different food from the sheep, and I read that over 50% of the dogs were dead after 3 years on the job. Once a llama figures things out they are good for 15 years, and have been known to confront bears.

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