Comment: I'm on a Palin forum

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I'm on a Palin forum

saying the same thing about Ron Paul supporters, that a coalition of the anti-establishment groups needs to come together to kick out the establishment. Palin was just on Fox preaching to end the Fed and the printing of money.

Here is a snip from their thread talking about it

33 minutes ago


Roll Call later added that Walter Jones of North Carolina had also been removed from that committee. Additionally, Reps. Justin Amash of Michigan and Tim Huelkamp of Kansas were removed from the House Budget Committee, which Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin is currently chair and will continue to chair in the next Congress.

A press release issued by Huelskamp’s spokeswoman Karen Steward says that the freshman Rep. “was given limited explanation for his removal but clearly his consistent, principled, and conservative votes have riled the GOP Establishment.”

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19 minutes ago
Almost makes me glad not only that Mitt never ended up as POTUS....but also that Ryan never ended up as VP.

Sheeeesh.....these guys just make me sick.


27 minutes ago
Ryan needs to lose in the primary.

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28 minutes ago
This good, there is an internal war. Mark levin went off on Boehner, Cantor and the other idiot, I think mcCarthy. He was naming some of these solid Conservatives that knocked off committees, and said Boehner has got to go.

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22 minutes ago
 The Three Stooges.


23 minutes ago
Yep Boehnhead has got to go. I think we need to get Republican call lists in his district and start calling his constituents and yelp at them for voting for him, and to run someone against him in the primary.