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A vote where people tax themselves

To operate a large racketeering group called, here, the 'Drug Task Force' was called in the county in which I live YEA by Ten Thousand Votes.

I know of two people who voted no, at least.

But my money is given to these wealth and family Destruction Bots, who likely will take their Loot and purchase tiny drones to 'help keep Blank County Drug Free!'

Ten thousand people who voted YEA to stealing my neighbors' Money.

But Hey, Who Won The Game?

Is it any wonder the hub of Bread and Circuses is in Connecticut?

ESPN, H Dubya, NFL, ABC, spies foreign and domestic, FOX, NBC?

Hey governments, your 'budget' and your 'business', when copied by me, would earn me the title 'Gangster'.

Go away and let humans live, we'll bake a cupcake for your knapsack

'Live for yourself, there's no one else more worth living for,
Begging hands and bleeding hearts
Will only cry out for more...'