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Comment: A terrible video. Let's start

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A terrible video. Let's start

A terrible video. Let's start with taking DeMint's comment about Dr. Paul out of context. He was not talking about Paul's opinion about Lincoln or the Civil War, he was talking about the general freedom philosphy of Dr. Paul.

The South seceeded for two reasons. Slavery and unfair trade practices, in specific the protective tariff for northern manufacturing that were unequally kept in the north.

It's a non-starter to try and argue for the South, because its stance on slavery was counter to natural law and everything this country is supposed to stand for. This makes our cause look stupid. It was a good thing the South was defeated.

Now, I do believe some points can be scored in the Lincoln crackdown on civil liberties debate.

In the end, there is plenty NOW to debate about rather than digging up a 160-year old item that folks really aren't educated much about. Heck, most Americans think the Emancipation Proclamation freed the slaves, when it was the 13th amendment, as the Lincoln movie did sum up pretty well.