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with a few hundred

with a few hundred dollars.... your best bet is junk silver. Pre 1964 (the earlier the better) Benjamin Franklin Half Dollars are 90% Silver. Silver is much more affordable then gold and is a great 1st investment. It'll be good to have some physical metals before the years end IMO. Silver, I personally think, has more room for growth as there is more industrial demand for it and there is much less of it than Gold.

With only a few hundred dollars, you'll be paying a HIGH premium for say a quarter OZ of gold. I dont personally dont think gold is worth it, at this cost, unless you're buying a whole OZ, even though it ended at 1712?? today. The ups of gold are storage and just the 'gold' factor.

Silver on the other hand, has more flexibility... as in if you need to barter because you need some cash, you'll be able to break it down much easier with Junk half dollars. I prefer the Franklins over the JFK, just my preference.

Do some research around your area and find a local coin shop. Most people in the business are good people and their reviews will reflect that. FInd a few good ones and shop around for the best price. Keep and eye on the market and wait til the time is right and you'll be good to go. Good luck and congrats for switching to real money!

Their motto is "Dont Tread On Me"...