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This goes back to right from

This goes back to right from the start with the C4L. You'll have to do your research here, you will find plenty of stuff.

However, RP did two interviews last week, with some latest additional info. They are on the front page of the DP. One concerning advice from deceased Congressman McDonald and a radio interview about the two parties makes the rules and third party basically, isn't ready yet.

* * *

Your question was on the harshness towards Liberty folks. I tried to provide the answer that I believe is accurate.

Folks are going pretty much these three ways. It's not unified toward a heavy strategy like the delegate states taking on the system, so the LM, as a whole is weaker.

The main focus now seems to be - Inform to Be Aware.

* * *

People usually start to get involved doing a sign wave. Then they say, - well, this isn't enough, what more can I do. Before it was, get involved in the political process.

Now, it's - inform people.

I tend to believe that people can Inform People, while they take on the system.

Not sure where things are going to go.