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Comment: "Sucking" is a convenient fiction...

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"Sucking" is a convenient fiction... "cold" and "dark" and "centrifugal force." They are characterized by what they are not, rather than what they are, because they don't exist. Nothing sucks. Greater air pressure pushes air and dander and dirt into partial vacuums.

That being said (by pedantic me), cell phones are a great convenience and an occasional life-saver. I prefer not to be without one, but will readily jettison it if I ever attempt to elude the police.

However, I thoroughly agree with the tone of your post. Too many superannuated children have been failed by their parents and are abominably rude in public. When cell phone pinheads show up in my shop I ignore their devices and TALK CLEARLY and DISTINCTLY, and a little bit LOUDER than I usually do, so as to interrupt their precious conversations with invisible strangers.

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