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We are already winning.

Why are so many completely obsessed with the presidency? Ron ran so he could spread a message. I trust Rand with power like a trust my dog guarding my steak from another dog. Rand has already showed us that he is green and power hungry. His two votes on Iran sanctions are acts of war. He voted to give Israel $9 billion for more war crimes while filibustering to stop money from Countries (Pakistan and Egypt) whose 'masses don't respect us'. As if the money actually goes to the masses and not suppresses them. The 'masses' are more aware of political oppression than Rand is. His self-appointed important person attitude in the deficit arena came shortly after his election when he interchanged the words debt and deficit willy nilly on several occasions. I wish he would sit back a learn something, maybe hang out in his dad's library some. Instead he plows into things like a egotistical freshman with a famous father trying to make a name for himself and deluding himself (and some of his dad's supporters) that somehow he inherited some of his dad's perseverance, courage, and honesty just because he shares his name. These are virtues. They are not genetic traits. I will get back to you in ten or twenty years about Rand's abilities.