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a wise old libertarian

once set me straight when i complained about elections. he explained that it wasn't about elections or even politics but rather the spreading of the message that should be first and foremost for a liberty minded individual. when the message is accepted by enough people you will see changes everywhere. it might not happen in our lifetimes, and it may never happen, but that is what should be the drive and focus. i've heard ron paul and others of the old school echo this sentiment too: it's not politics, but rather the intellectual argument, and the spreading of the message. ron paul has done more to spread this message than anyone who walks the earth, period. there is now a liberty, freedom movement which he started and it continues to grow.

this jumping up and down over rand seems childish to me. like the lost demanding to have a leader. we already have a spokesman: RON PAUL. i'm 1000 times more interested in what ron paul has in store for us than anything rand votes for or against, or his bad endorsements and curious behavior. he's a politician and will
do what politicians do: play along, compromise, distort and so on. i have no interest.
ron paul by being the anti-politcian, brilliant, honest and even humble created his own charisma and it speaks to a a massive growing movement. IMO it will take someone far beyond a regular politician (regardless of his surname) to fill those shoes.