Comment: Regardless of how you feel about Rand

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Regardless of how you feel about Rand

He is the only candidate from our neck of the woods with any kind of credible shot at the presidency. If not Rand in 2016 you are looking at 2020. No one else is ready or in position at this point in time. GJ is DOA. Ron will not run again. Amash is not ready yet. Napolitano no. Woods no. Rockwell, ha. Tom Davis. No. Jesse Ventura HECK NO. So if you're planning on playing presidential politics in 2016 (NOW.Its happening RIGHT NOW) Rand is the only one currently suited up and position to play ball. He's the only game in town. Like it or lump it.

For those who wish to lump it, take your venom out on the real problems, not the ones doing mostly good. Leave Rand alone and fight for liberty in your own way. Rand has enough opposition as it is. He doesnt need any more from supposed friends of liberty. Don't like Rand? No need to feel it's your duty bad mouth and drag him down at every opportunity. Unless you have someone better ready and in position to replace him with you're not helping. Get someone better ready for 2020 and in the mean time leave Rand be. If he's pissing off McCain and Graham and Reid and company, more power to him. At least someone is.