Comment: My daughter seems addicted to her phone

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My daughter seems addicted to her phone

but she hasn't ever been much of a TV person so I guess having her "Pull" information that she wants to read vs. having information "Pushed" into her brain via the idiot box (propaganda at that) I'd rather her be into her phone. I think like all time the smartphone will become more of a tool and not an entertainment device. It does not replace communication for my friends when we are out to eat. We typically do a group attack on anyone making love to their phone at our table.

I use a prepaid phone that cost me $12 to buy and $50 for 1 month unlimited. One of the BENEFITS is my phone runs out of minutes. I used to HATE always being available for anyone all the time. Right now my minutes ran out 2 weeks ago. I'm gonna get it loaded with minutes again soon but it's really nice to be out of minutes for a couple weeks. Its not me that gets upset about being without a phone....its all my friends, that goes to show that my phone is for the convenience of others not myself. Besides, if I need to make a call, all I have to do is walk up to ANYONE and ask to borrow their phone. Don't think I have ever been told no...although I have had to ask the person to dial the number for me because I couldn't find the keypad. lol