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Comment: "He has the potential to water down

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"He has the potential to water down

the liberty movement by his tainted neocon like behavior."

I hate to say it...but if it isn't watered down - our guy will never get elected in todays political climate....maybe with continued spreading of the message and information that is possible in the future...but not quite yet. Just look at the Paul Ryan budget plan - i think the majoirty of us here agreed it was nowhere near as big of cuts as was needed....what did the rest of america say about it? "Draconian cuts!! People will be starving in the streets!! There was absolute outrage against it.....and it wasn't anywhere near the cuts that needed to happen.

You may disagree with Rands positioning of himself - but i personally think it is necessary to play politics a little to get in a position to really change things...that's how politics works. Just look at what happened to Amash and some of the other liberty minded congressmen....booted for not playing "ball"...shunned because of not going with the flow. Rand is picking his battles (NDAA, patriot act etc.)...and one's he knows are useless to fight against that would only cost him political positioning - yeah, he's letting them slide...that's how politics works. Position yourself to fight the battles that you believe you have a chance at maximize your chances at changing the things you deem most important.

If we write off everyone who doesn't have every single belief that Ron Paul did - or approach politics in the exact same manner that he're never going to be able to vote for anyone....because there isn't another Ron Paul.

I agree the more liberty people we get elected - the less the GOP will be able to sideline our guys like it just did (Amash)...but until we have the numbers - positioning like Rand is doing is logical.

"don't confuse him as liberty minded and expect me to embrace it"

I'm not expecting you to embrace it - i expect you will make your own decision - just giving you a different view on it.