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I don't have one:

But I believe I will get one. My whole life has revolved around tools.
I have tools that I have made myself and people ask what is that thing?
I have tools that I have hardly ever used. Some say I'm obsessed.
I want one of these and I will not be getting it from sears simply because in my mind, they played this man and he wasn't savy enough to know at the time. I think I will try to get a few of them from his company to give as gifts.
Had he not given them an exclusive, they would be all over the market place and his company might have been better able to weather the storm if you will, and be in a better position to ward off the giant machine coming in to munch up his business and employees. I'm not saying beat them, but at least have a fair chance to compete. Which is what I have seen happening for decades. No fair playing field at all. Crush the little fellow so he has no chance and that is not what my America is about.

I love my country
I am appalled by my government