Comment: "our ability to defend this nation,”

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"our ability to defend this nation,”

"the men and women who are serving in the military and our ability to defend this nation,” McCain said

Who are these men and women who are defending our country? FOR THE RECORD I do NOT blame our loyal soldiers (they have been terribly wronged)

BUT, if you ask ANYONE other than our so called leaders...our soldiers have not fought and died in a DEFENSIVE war since I've been alive (49 years). Our armed forces and our fcuking DRONES are OFFENSIVE in nature. In football terms it appears we are using 11 guys in the "hurry up" offense and then against all rules have another 11 men lined up behind the "hurry up" offense running a "slow, up the middle, chew the clock, ground assault. So where is our defense John? Not needed if we cheat and run our offense the entire game. The way McCain acts today really makes me wonder WTF actually happened to him in Vietnam. How is it possible for someone to have been held in prison and tortured for 6 years and then agree with all the unconstitutional BS and NDAA crap that keeps getting piled on us since 9/11? WTF JM? WTF?