Comment: I'm for Rand, I see him

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I'm for Rand, I see him

I'm for Rand, I see him hitting the political field like a general. He's used the filibuster like a machete in that senate jungle and forced many a liberal lilly out of hiding in the "conservative GOP" underbrush. He picks his battles and lets the unwinnable ones go. His job from the get go is to get the GOP to show their britches and he's been doing a fairly good job of it. Now they have to answer to their constituencies why flag burning deviants get our hard earned cash. Why they vote to get Americans assassinated or permajailed on stalinesque flimsy intel or hearsay.

He's got the right idea for a doer. Pragmatism is for implementation Idealism is for indoctrination. Ron took care of the Idealism. Now its time to roll up the sleeves and get pragmatic, what will stick what will get through a dirty rotten legislature what has legs. Rand's got the right approach, lets see how far he gets.