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Comment: Tom Mullen

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Tom Mullen

"I'm willing to overlook that and conclude that - as disappointed in him as I am that he doesn't believe sanctions to be acts of war, which he told me directly that he doesn't - that weighing everything he'd still be the best president the US has had in over 100 years."

romney believes in his heart that fees are not taxes.

obama believes in his heart that socialism must prevail.

boehner believes in his heart that Amash and other true conservatives should not hold seats.

Because Rand does not believe that sanctions are an act of aggression, should I take that at face value and go along with it?

Remember where we came from. Remember Ron Paul's decades fight. We can no longer afford to compromise our values, principles, what our Republic stands for. If we do, it will only make a mockery of everything that we have worked for.

Rand is a big boy. Let us not try to 'appease' him and his political views because of his father.

We have 4 years. Let the vetting begin.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul