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I agree with Spiff

Dan Brown himself says: "It's a knock off." Then he says it's a "rip-off". His angle is, "It's "Made in America". I think the fact that it's, "Made in America" is a competitive edge Dan should begin playing, and begin selling his product to the companies Sears had him agree to not sign to (like WalMart).

Now unlike Tramp, who I would love to see their collection of tools, because tools are cool, and people are always, "re-inventing the left handed monkey wrench", Tramp might know if Sear's China's tool is actually better. and less expensive.. ? Looks to me, who is not tool cool, the Sears/Chinese version may be better.. not the same.

As for Sears... saying it, "Believes in America", seems I for one need an explaination how replacing American jobs for Chinese is believing in America? Does Sears think all American jobs need to be government and prison labor to compete globally? No.. because that's believing in global competition, not American.

And so I wonder.. I don't think it's Dan Brown who is behind this hit peice on Sears.. I think it is a competitior to Sears.. who if they can hurt Sears, with this hit piece, they of course will grow.. my guess is WalMart.. Let's face it.. the best left handed monkey wrench has not been invented yet.. I'll go to WalMart today and look for anothr knock-off.