Comment: Excellent presentation but "christians" don't care.

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Excellent presentation but "christians" don't care.

That was well laid out and even I picked up some new information from it. I had never done a word study on Nimrod being the "Mighty hunter before Yahweh" and I will check for myself.

But the sad truth is that most "christians" will not care that what they are doing is not Scriptural and angers Elohim because they don't care. They want to do what makes them feel good. That is why in that day when many are saying LORD LORD, He will tell them He never knew them because they practiced lawlessness (iniquity). There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. But you have done your part in trying to warn them to turn from their wicked ways so Yahshua bless you for it.

You may also consider that all these false pagan rituals are performed in the false name of Jesus which is one more reason to call on the Saviors true Name Yahshua.