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I listened and fell in love

with him all over again. Yes, Elvis was my first true love. Thanks, bear. And your salutation is much appreciated! But you say your (gulp) *mother* had this album? Well, just know, I only know Elvis as well as I do because I had sisters--- much older sisters! For real! Although they took the Elvis records when they left home, it was not a "World Without Love" (Peter & Gordon) for long. Within a few years I found Paul McCartney. And, my, but isn't love vain? I've still not thrown out the poncho I wore when I saw Jim Morrison. lol Anyway, I re-discovered Elvis on one of my Tower Records Christmas forays. What? Elvis sang gospel music? So that's my likely-unusual 3-CD Elvis collection - "Blue Christmas" and a double album "Amazing Grace." Here's a medley of some favorites: How Great Thou Art, Where Could I Go But To The Lord, & You'll Never Walk Alone. Hope you enjoy it. :)

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