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listened to just about every speech the guy has ever given.

I'm not saying compromising is the answer....i'm saying until you get a majority of like-minded individuals in office-by playing politics you increase your chances of actually getting things done - and having a voice that doesn't fall on deaf ears when you do stand up to fight a good fight.

Even Doug Wead - who i'm pretty sure most of us respect here....says you need people in the liberty movement who can speak "the political language" in order for it to succeed. Rand is one of those guys.

Do i agree with everything Rand has done? Hell no....I despised Romney. But that doesn't lead me to believe that Rand is useless to this movement....or that i wouldn't vote for him over some other neocon the GOP decides to throw in the next election. I do get the concept of doing that to stay in the game to be able to be on the playing field to make some changes later on.

"They are waiting for something of principle to vote on."

If that were really true-Ron Paul would be president right now. There is still a lot of convincing and education for the masses to be done. We're exponentially better than where we were a decade ago....but there's a lot more to do.