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Comment: It's not about "appeasing:"

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It's not about "appeasing:"

Because of Ron Paul's campaigns, I am in the GOP, where all of us have been mis-treated, but don't allow that to phase us because we get the message and believe, it can be done.. but it's going to take time.. Ron stood alone for decades.. Rand has never been alone.. he came in with MSM all over him. He is no dummy and he understands a big part of the political game is SURVIVAL.. compromising is part of it.. and to do that, you have to have your sights set beyond, if you intend to remain.. Ron Paul had no intention in remaining in the game.. he's out.

So Rand, shows us where we are being asked to compromise, in other words, who in the party is willing to work with us, cut a deal with us.. bend for us, compromise for us.. we learn how to address these topics at the committee table.. what we can expect.. but also looking for our own ways to stand strong and not compromise.. we sign loyalty oaths,. so compromising is part of the deal.. C4L makes clear our priority.

Rand is standing STRONG on several issues, and this is our foundation, that will help us secure for when the time is more likely to ending wars, which is going up against the UN, TPTB, MIC and global bankers, and executive branch of the Dems. if you know anyone who can beat this group in one election, by all means,, produce them. You got someone better than Rand.. who?