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This entire movement, r3VOLution was built on sound and solid principle.

I am not about to cheapen it for one persons political gain. I don't care what his/her name is.

Have you ever seen a family business prosper, by the hard work of a father or grandfather, who started it all? He stood by principle, what was right and what grew the business huge, and passed down to his children who had the same vision. There was one sibling who had some grand idea, coerces the family to compromise just once. Then just once more. And then before you know it the entire business went belly up.

I commend you for obtaining your committe seat. I sincerely hope that you do it justice. But don't think for one minute that you or anyone else is going to coerce me into sacrificing my principles. 'Several issues' are not enough. Hell, romney and obama both have several issues that could be considered good.

The more you drive your candidate, the more I will drive mine. And if my efforts fail from lack of overwhelming support, mark my words it will still have negative effect on yours. Warning: Don't push it.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul