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Comment: What suppression? Did you misread me?

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What suppression? Did you misread me?

Discussion is good. Vetting is good. Proposing solutions, good candidates and game plans are good. Criticism even sharp criticism can be very constructive. He is not his Father. We get it. I believe that fact has been well established. But it is he a bad man? Does he not still represent many of our values and positions? No I don't hold him in the same regard as his father, but the man is doing good up there.
We need more like him and even more like his father up there. I don't see the point in shooting one of our own in the foot just because he's not the best he could be. Discussion and criticism is one thing but
it seems like any time Rand's name is brought up the anti-rand choir feels the need to chime in and beat Rand to a pulp. Great grand wonderful. That accomplishes so much. Our only liberty advocate in the senate as flawed as he might be, let's take him down a few pegs. That'll teach him.

I'm not saying anyone needs to do backflips for Rand. I certainly don't. I'm just saying tone the rhetoric down or at least direct it towards those causing the problems in DC and around the world. Or should we just shout him down now and make him come home because he isnt a perfect libertarian and thought he could play the politician game and get things done? Some here I would imagine would say yes. That's fine I respect their stand on principle. What I meant by everyone will fight for liberty in their own way is that we won't always see eye on things but that doesnt mean I'm going to try to sabotage your efforts and viciously criticize you. You do your thing I'll do mine. Our efforts will all intertwine and connect at times and push this movement forward. I don't see the point in trying to drag any of us down a vicious manner. I'm just sick of all the venom and personal attacks that Rand is some kind of evil traitor neocon back stabbing apple seed being swallowed by a bird and being carried far from the tree, Paul in name only, untrustworthy principless rat fink scoundrel. That's just absurd. Has he made some poor decisions? yes? Have some of his decisions been misunderstood and actually put him in a great position to spread the message and bring lost conservatives and even liberals over to our side at least on some issues? YES! Is he crying in the wilderness in the senate and using his filibuster power to exhaustion to the point where they are now threatening to revoke that long standing instrument of blocking unjust legislation? YES! I don't know how anyone can lightly brush over the one man war he's waging in the senate on behalf and in hope of preserving at least some shred of of liberty we have left.

Rand is not perfect. In fact he sucks on some issues but dang it I'm glad he's there. I'm glad at least someone is there. I don't care if anyone doesnt like him and wishes to express why, that's fine. I just can't stand the constant petty slandering and down vote brigading that that goes on when he's mentioned. I'm still out on whether he'll have my support or vote in 2016 but I still hope the best for him and applaud his good fights. He may not be able to stop what he's up against but he is sure exposing the heck out of it. It's up to the people to see and put an end to it. It's up to us to make sure the people see and know what's going on.

I've been able to open a lot of people's eyes with Rand clips recently that I wasnt able to open with Ron clips. Rand is a different instrument and will reach a different audience. We have most of the Ron People now that we can find. Time to stop preaching to the choir and reach out to an even wider audience. Rand may be good for that. Use him well.